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Long Range Development Plan


2005 -Long Range Development Plan Documents

UC Riverside's 2005 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and an accompanying Environmental Impact Report, the two guiding documents for the physical growth of the campus, were approved and certified, respectively, by the Board of Regents at their November 17, 2005 meeting.

2005 LRDP Amendment 2

In 2008, The Regents approved a medical school program for UCR.  The 2005 LRDP Amendment 2 is an amendment to the LRDP Land Use map to provide a 38.7 acre site for the new School of Medicine (SOM) on the West Campus north of Martin Luther King, jr. Boulevard and east of Iowa Avenue.  The new SOM, scheduled to open in Fall of 2013, will use existing and new buildings on the East Campus on an interim basis until facilities and infrastructure can be constructed on the West Campus to house the program.

In addition to providing a site for the SOM, Amendment 2 relocates two West Campus academic core parking structures and deletes one with the spaces from the deleted structure relocated within the three remaining structures all adjacent to the I-215/SR-60 freeway.  Amendment 2 reconfigures the major West Campus open space from The Grove concept to the Gage Canal Mall.  Additional minor changes to the Land Use Map redistributes land uses previously located on the medical school site and updates map changes that have occurred since the 2005 LRDP was approved in 2005.  For a detailed list, refer to the 2005 LRDP Amendment 2 Draft EIR-Vol I: Section 3.0 Project Description.

2005 LRDP Amendment 3

In 2013, The Regents approved Amendment 3 which is an amendment to the LRDP Land Use map to provide for a Campus Infrastructure Overlay land use and apply it to a 12-acre site on the West Campus. The land use is a temporary, 20-year, land use designation to allow for the siting and development of a solar farm, while preserving the underlying existing LRDP land use designations for the future.

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